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Diana FrankHampton Photo Arts proudly presents The THANK YOU ART SHOW at Ashawagh Hall, February 26th and 27th, 2011. The opening reception begins Saturday February 26th at 5:30 pm and runs until 11:00 pm and Hampton Photo Arts has planned one outstanding night with over 100 local artists!
Please join us as we say “thank you” to all of our talented friends and customers with a night filled with music, food, art and fun.

Over 100 artists will be displaying their artwork in Hampton Photo Arts second annual THANK YOU ART SHOW.  Painting, photography, sculpture, film and even origami will be filling Ashwagh Hall showcasing an unbelievable slice of the Hampton's art scene.  This truly will be a art show for everyone.  Some of the Artists included are Shiela Isham, Aubrey Grainger, Scott HewettGordon Matheson, Oliver Peterson, Grant HaffnerCasey Anderson, Dan Ritzler and Joe Chierchio just to name a few. In addition Matt Harnick will unveil his truly original origami art sculptures, Emily Wilson will debut her new short film, William Falkenberg will be performing live on piano, and food will be prepared and served by Cassandra Ellis of Damn Good Cook

Hampton Photo Arts in Bridgehampton has been in business for over 21 years providing photo services, picture framing, frames and art supplies and now we are saying "THANK YOU" to the community and to our friends who have supported us for over two decades.

* Musical Entertainment by William Falkenberg
* Jewelry by Attoche’s Link
* Event Catered by Damn Good Cooking
* Refreshments by Springs Wines & Liquors
* FloralArrangements by Taylor Debes
* Over 100 Local Artists

Gordon Matheson
Alice Ryan
Cynthia Knott
Molly Wiess

Christian Little
Anita Kusick
Michael McDowell
Danielle Lobosco
Archie Hamilton
Bonnie Lowe
Taylor Debes
Patrice Hasbrook
Joana Nanci
Dan Ritzler
Melinda Merritt
Amy Pedatella
Adrienne Fierman

Jason Dacuk
Hailey Londen


Aubrey Grainger
Scott Hewett
Grant Haffner
Joe Chierchio
Joan Tripp
Peter Waldner
Diana Frank
Oliver Peterson
Matthew Brophy
Gary Lovelace
L. Marie Jones
Eileen Hickey-Hulme
Scott Gibbons
Peter Ngo
Margaret G. Santich
Ingrid Silva
Sam de Poto
Felix Hagen
Barbara Bahr-Gerstner

Shiela Isham
Casey Anderson
Frank Sofo
William Falkenberg
Jason Green
Joe Strand
Cindy Roe
Ruby Jackson
Gene Samuelson
Rosa Scott
Matt Harnick
Breahna Arnold
Richard Mothes
Stephen Mannino
Jason Nower
Carly Haffner
John Gershion
Jen Cronley
Erica-Lynn Huberty

Cindy Roe
Saturday September 19th, 12-9pm
416 Main St. Greenport, NY.


Arques by Cindy Roe

Arques by Cindy Roe

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